Friday, December 10, 2010


"Worried" might be too strong a word. But I'm not brushing this game off, as most people seem to be doing. The Bears are 9-3. The past few weeks, Jay Cutler has played within himself and his abilities. Their defense has allowed the 3rd fewest points in the NFL. They have the 2nd best run defense, and a decent pass defense.

They're not a stunning team, but they're solid. They're no pushovers, they're no "frauds" as some have claimed.

Plus the game is in Chicago. And the weather there Sunday evening will be quite bad. Temperatures below 20 degrees, snowy, windy. We've seen Brady excel in those conditions, but with that weather, anything can happen to the football.

The Patriots are 2nd in turnover differential. And since 2001, they're 79-3 when they win the turnover battle. In other words, protecting the football is of paramount importance to the Patriots.

So I think the Patriots will win, of course, but I don't think the Bears are "frauds" that will be "exposed" on Sunday. They're a solid team, and they've won 9 games for a reason.

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