Monday, January 10, 2011


BC Football has been frustrating to watch all season. An outstanding defense undermined by an incapable offense. It's tragic in a way. BC entered this game with the 19th best scoring defense in the country. And they lived up to that reputation. They also brought the 109th scoring offense in the country, and lived up to that reputation.

Let's be positive and talk about the defense. Nevada averaged 42.6 points per game this year. BC held them to a season low 20. They averaged 535.5 yards per game (only Oregon was more prolific). BC held them to 304. They averaged 305.6 rushing yards this year. BC held them to 112.

But my favorite stat was this one: BC forced Nevada to punt 7 times. They averaged 2.3 punts per game this year. The Eagles also forced 3 turnovers, to go with those drives ending in punts.

One of those turnovers was an interception by sophomore All-American linebacker Luke Kuechly. This is one of the best players in the game. He's fast, he has a nose for the ball, and he's strong. Keep an eye on him next year.

That's the mantra for BC football. This was a "rebuilding year," to put it kindly. The offense needs to improve. Freshman RB Andre Williams has a bright year ahead of him. But freshman QB Chase Rettig looked like he was about to cry at the end of this game.

I understand the idea of starting Rettig, to get him experience and make him a solid QB as an upperclassman. However, the style of offense BC uses is too bland, too straight-up, too NFL-esque. Why not run more misdirection running plays? Why not try the option? Why are the Eagles using the same kind of offense that Matt Ryan ran? It won't work with mediocre QBs. Even if Rettig improves to serviceable, this offense isn't dynamic enough.

I'll put it like this: BC will never be stronger or faster than their top tier opponents. So trying to beat them eye-to-eye, nose-to-nose is suicidal. Be smart. Be clever. Be elusive. At the very least, be more exciting.

Anyway, a forgettable season with a semi-memorable ending. At least more memorable than losing to Vanderbilt or winning the Meineke Car Care Bowl.

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