Friday, January 14, 2011


The Bruins have an outstanding team in the 3rd period this season, but nothing compares to their 5 goal explosion in last night's final frame.

Brad Marchand and Steve Kampfer have been two of the biggest and most pleasant surprises for the Bruins this year. Marchand scored his 9th to tie the game at 5-5. Kampfer won it with an excellent snipe from the half-wall, his 4th goal in only 17 games. If you had to bet which rookie would score the most goals for the Bruins this season, I certainly wouldn't have picked Marchand, but his 9 goals and 18 assists lead Seguin by just a bit. His +16 is among the team leaders.

This was as close to a playoff type game as you'll get for January. Granted, the Flyers lacked Pronger. But the Bruins lacked Lucic. Still, Pronger plays about every minute of a game, so when he's absent, it's felt.

Anyway, this was a close, hard fought, back and forth, up and down game. The Bruins won by playing better in the last 2 minutes. They still need to improve on a few things. Too often, they allowed a Flyer to get in behind their defense. And some of the goals the B's scored were far from pretty.

But a win against a team as good as Philly is something to be proud of. The Bruins host the Penguins Saturday afternoon.

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