Monday, January 24, 2011


The Marchand-Bergeron-Recchi line continued its hot-streak, combining to score 4 goals Saturday afternoon in Denver. At least one of these three guys had a hand in all 6 Bruins goals. Marchand scored his 11th and 12th, including his NHL leading 4th shorthanded goal. Lucic also scored twice, his 18th and 19th. The production from Marchand and Lucic is a big reason why the Bruins offense is markedly better than last year's.

The B's have scored the 7th most goals in the NHL. Did you know that? I didn't until I looked it up. The 37 goals they've scored in their last 8 games have boosted their position a bit. But even a few weeks ago, they were in the middle of the pack, so they weren't too bad. Last season, they were 2nd to last in goals scored. They've improved from 2.5 goals per game, to 3.1.

Has the offense "turned the corner?" In some ways, yes. What interests me, however, is how well the offense plays when they're not scoring goals. An offense can contribute to victory without scoring many goals. An offense that takes care of the puck, has consistent breakouts, and spends time near the opponent's goal (and far from their own) is how close games against tough opponents are won. I'd still like to see more of that when this team faces the likes of Montreal and Philadelphia.

Colorado is not a tough opponent. Although holding them to 2 goals is praiseworthy, especially since the first one pinballed around before sneaking over Thomas. Thomas, by the way, was brilliant. His play kept the Avalance from making this game too interesting.

Savard got hurt on a clean hit by Matt Hunwick. His face was pinned against the boards by Hunwick's shoulder, and with Savard's post-concussion struggles, the Bruins are being understandably cautious. No news yet on his condition, although he's returned to Boston, and it doesn't look like he'll play tonight.

Bruins in Los Angeles late night tonight. The Kings are 12th in the West, but have a good home record. To take 4 points from this short West coast swing would be excellent.

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