Monday, April 04, 2011


Atlanta is not a good team. Atlanta played a very flat game. The Bruins played 45 flat minutes, and 15 minutes with energy. That's why they won. And this team continues to frustrate the hell out of me, even when they win.

Michael Ryder scored a goal on a penalty shot, and that's great. He's been playing well lately, and that's great. He has had some good playoff series in the past, and that's great. But he's not consistent. He might go on a tear and score some goals in the first round. Then he'll disappear. He's my least favorite player on the Bruins because even when he scores, he pisses me off. I mean, where was it 2 weeks ago, Ryder?

The last time the Bruins played at their best, and beat a legit team that was also playing at their best, was February 26th in Vancouver. That's too long ago. The Bruins now have 4 games left to build good habits, and get ready for the postseason.

Tonight will be a good test, as they play the Rangers, who only have a 2 point cushion between themselves and 9th place Carolina.

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