Friday, August 12, 2011


Los Angeles' City Council approved a plan for a privately funded $1.2 billion football stadium to be built adjacent to the Staples Center. The stadium would seat 70,000 and would likely be completed by 2016. The planners still need to endure the environmental permit procedure. And of course, they need a team.

It's ridiculous that there's no NFL football in LA, and hasn't been for 17 years. It's the second largest media market in the country.

Then again, it's not like the people of LA don't watch NFL football on the television. And the NFL does get most of its revenues from TV. One of the problems with LA is that fans don't show up unless the team is winning. Not just competitive. The team has to be good enough so that it becomes the cool thing for people to do.

There are candidates to go West. The Vikings, who have stadium issues and would ironically be following in the Lakers' foot-steps. The Bills. The Jaguars. I think it should be the Jags. It's kind of silly to have a pro sports team in Jacksonville. The Jaguars are a decently competitive team that can't fill its own stadium.

You have to move a team that can make the playoffs out to LA. The Bills would become the Clippers if they go to California. The Vikings or Jaguars would at least generate some excitement.

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