Thursday, December 08, 2011

Kuechly Wins Lombardi Award

After winning ACC Defensive Player of the Year, then the Butkis Award, BC linebacker Luke Kuechly won the Lombardi Award, given to the best linemen (offensive or defensive) or linebacker in college football. In other words, the best player in the trenches on either side of the ball.

There's really not much more for Kuechly to accomplish in college. And in my opinion, the 20 year old junior from Cincinnati should turn pro. He's projected as the top LB in the draft, and will likely go in the top 10 to 15.

There might be personal reasons for him to stay in school. And that's his business. I defended Luck when he decided not to leave Stanford early. Kuechly is a business major, which doesn't seem as engrossing and rigorous as Andre Luck's architectural design studies. Then again, maybe Kuechly wants to get his undergrad degree now, play football, then get an MBA when he graduates and start/run his own business. Who knows.

But in terms of football, there's nothing more he can accomplish at BC. The Eagles aren't competing for a BCS title, or an ACC title, or a divisional title. They'll struggle to attain bowl eligibility in 2012.

As far as his football career goes, he's reached the highest point in college that he'll reach. He's winning trophies, he recorded 191 tackles this year, he's established himself as one of the best linebackers in BC history. What else is there? Maybe a Heisman bid if he made 250 tackles, got 10 sacks, and 5 INTs.

He should enter the NFL Draft.

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