Friday, March 16, 2012

Bruins Retire in Florida

For the first time in a few weeks, the Bruins outdid their opponent in an aspect of the game. Unfortunately, that aspect of the game was which team was trying hardest to lose. The Panthers made so many mistakes, from giveaways in their own zone, to Theodore's trapezoid penalty. The Bruins failed to capitalize, and made more than a few mistakes on their own.

The difference between a clean breakout pass and a giveaway that results in a goal is just a foot or two. The Bruins have found ways to turn these simple plays into game-changing mistakes.

I'm tired of seeing Joe Corvo's name on the box score, I'm tired of seeing his screw ups on the ice, and I'm tired of hearing his name. He scored a goal last night, but he was on the ice for three Panther goals. One of his giveaways directly resulted in Florida's 3rd goal. His blue-line passes suck, his breakout passes suck, and I never see him make a big defensive play.

Corvo's not the only problem. Nobody on the Bruins is playing well. And if they do, it's just for one or two shifts per game. Right now, the Bruins best player is Shawn Thornton. No offense to #22, but that's sad.

Bruins host the Flyers Saturday afternoon. And if Ottawa beats Montreal tonight, the Bruins will be in 2nd place in the Division, and 7th in the Conference.

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