Monday, April 16, 2012

Jacoby DLsbury

After suffering a partial dislocation of his shoulder Friday afternoon, Jacoby Ellsbury was placed on the 15 Day DL. There is, as of yet, no timetable for his return. The Sox don't even seem to be sure how partial the dislocation was, or whether or not Ellsbury should undergo surgery.

The Sox really didn't need this. They're already very weak in the outfield, and already have some potential holes in the lineup.

What has me worried is the lack of a timetable. This seems like the kind of injury that is healed when it's healed. And until it feels healed, it's considered injured. There's no test for a doctor to conduct and say "It's all better."

And that means that if Ellsbury takes more than a week to recover, the amateur M.D.s in this town will start questioning his toughness. Ellsbury, probably unfairly, got a reputation for taking his time to return from injury in 2010. So if this shoulder problem takes more than a month to be resolved, expect moans and groans from Red Sox Nation.

And another thing that worries me is Ellsbury himself. What if he feels the need to return as fast as possible to avoid reaffirming that 2010 reputation? What if he returns before the injury is properly and completely better?

I don't mind DL stints in April. Even if they stretch deep into May. But I do mind 60 Day DL stints in September and October.

So take your time, Jacoby. Don't worry what morons say.

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