Wednesday, May 02, 2012

How Bad Will BC Football Be?

The BC Eagles kicked Montel Harris off the team "due to a repeated violation of team rules." Harris missed most of last year with injury, but rushed for 1,243 yards in 2010 and 1,457 in 2009. He'd already scored 30 touchdowns (27 rushing, 3 receiving) in his collegiate career. He was by far the best offensive player on the team.

BC also lost Luke Kuechly to the NFL. He was by far BC's best defensive player.

The Eagles' recruiting class was disappointing (ranked 11th in the ACC, not even in the top 50 nationally).

This is a 4-8 team that has gotten worse. Looking at their schedule, they'll beat Maine. They might struggle against Army. And maybe a win against Northwestern. I can't see more than 3 wins for this team.

It's unfortunate. In 2007, this team rose as high as #2 in the national rankings. Thanks to Matt Ryan. Even after that, they were still going to bowl games, still winning bowl games. Now bowl eligibility is an optimistic goal.

And what's the long-term plan? Where is this team going? Failed minor league baseball players as QBs? Saving scholarships for walk-ons and recruiting players that aren't even being looked at by anyone else?

This program is on life support.

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