Friday, June 15, 2012

BU to Join Patriot League

Boston University will leave the America East Conference and join the Patriot League, effective on July 1, 2013. The men's and women's hockey teams will remain in the hockey-only Hockey East Conference.

BU has done well in America East recently. In the last 7 years, they've won 40 conference titles in 14 sports. Most notably, they won the America East basketball tournament in 2011.

The Patriot League is slightly more competitive than America East. It's also less New York/New England centric. BU will join Holy Cross as the only other New England member. Colgate and Army are in New York. Lehigh, Lafayette, and Bucknell are in Pennsylvania. American University is in Washington, DC. And the Naval Academy is in Maryland.

Fordham and Georgetown are football-only members of the Patriot League. Army and Navy are independents in Division I-A. American does not have a football team.

So maybe, just maybe, BU might consider playing football again. I know that's doubtful, and pure speculation on my part. But it'd be nice.

Anyway, BU is now in a broader-based conference. They'll be playing across the northeast. They're in a better basketball conference. Seems like a solid move.

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