Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Euro 2012 Update

France 1, England 1
I didn't catch any of this game, and I'm glad I didn't. England are typically overrated and a bunch of spoiled brats. As much as I dislike France, I'm glad they deprived England of any glory. Both these teams can go to hell.

Ukraine 2, Sweden 1

I think Sweden (and many people) thought that Kramer's assessment of the Ukraine was true, at least in a soccer sense. And the Ukraine took our board and smashed it. Any country that requires a "the" before its name shouldn't be taken lightly (examples: THE United States, THE People's Republic of China, THE Soviet Union).

Today's games:
Greece vs. Czech Republic
This game will likely determine who is the second team to advance from Group A.

Russia vs. Poland
The Russians were impressive in their first game. The Poles will have the crowd on their side. This is a massive game for both these teams. I see some favorable officiating and a draw.

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