Friday, October 05, 2012

Ignorant College Football Picks*

My picks were 5-5 last week, and I'm 15-14 overall this season. I'll brag about that as long as I can. I'm bowl eligible, bitches!!!

Here are my picks for week 6:

Pitt +2 @ Syracuse
Can't spell suck without S and U.

Penn State -2 vs. Northwestern
PSU is stabilizing, and once again focusing on football.

Arkansas +8 @ Auburn
I think Auburn will win, but it will be close.

Virginia Tech +5.5 @ North Carolina
This ain't basketball.

Stanford -9 vs. Arizona
Tree mascot celebrates multiple times in this game.

Georgia Tech +10.5 @ Clemson
I'm picking against Clemson for once, not sure why.

Florida +2.5 vs. LSU
Just because it's in Gainesville.

Oklahoma -4.5 @ Texas Tech
Can't pick against OU.

Michigan -3 @ Purdue
Ugh, hate Michigan, and Purdue is the one Big Ten school I like.

Missouri -7 vs. Vanderbilt
Vandy sucks.

Georgia +1.5 @ South Carolina
UGA, for once, isn't horribly overrated.

Texas -6.5 vs. West Virginia
Texas ain't Baylor.

Miami +14 @ Notre Dame
I refuse to believe in Notre Dame.

Ohio State -3.5 vs. Nebraska
Home field advantage. I hate OSU.

UCLA -2.5 @ California
Cal kind of sucks.

Washington +25 @ Oregon
It's just a big spread.

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