Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Special College Football Uniforms I Don't Hate

Boston College will wear these uniforms when they host Maryland on October 27th. The uniforms are a tribute to the Wounded Warrior program, and all the jerseys will be auctioned off with 100% of proceeds donated to said program.

Comparing these uniforms to some of the abominations we've seen lately and these aren't half bad. It's ironic that BC will be playing Maryland. Maryland have been in constant contact with the Guinness World Record people. The Terrapins have been vying for the worst wardrobe in recorded human history. Their specialized uniforms are hideous. BC's patriotic look isn't bad at all.

When I first saw this, I thought it might have been more appropriate for BC to have worn these against Army. Then again, that was on the road. So there would be less exposure for the BC fans who will potentially buy these uniforms in auction. And that means less money for the Wounded Warriors.

So it had to be a home game for BC. Their other two are against Virginia Tech and Notre Dame. For those contests, the preeminence of their guests might overshadow the jersey's mission. So it makes sense to do it against Maryland.

Besides, any jersey BC wears would look 10 times better than whatever threads the Terrapins will be wearing.

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