Friday, November 09, 2012

Roberto Luongo Can't Help But Be a Douchebag

So as we all know, Barack Obama won the Presidential election two days ago. All well and good, until some French-Canadian douchebag decided to chime in and attempt to goad an adversary from spring 2011.

For full disclosure, nobody is 100% certain who runs the Twitter account @stromebone1. It is widely believed to be Roberto Luongo, but it's not verified.

In any case, Tim Thomas was a good goalie, Roberto Luongo is an overrated, washed up, choker. Tim Thomas did his best when it mattered most. For Luongo, the more the game mattered, the worse he played.

Even if @strombone1 is just a Luongo fan, he's seriously misguided.

Thomas has a few things in his impenetrable subterranean bunker that Luongo doesn't have. A Conn Smythe, for instance. As well as a Stanley Cup ring. Although Timmy has probably melted his ring in order to make bullets.


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    He doesn't need to melt the ring. Bullets are widely available right now...though the gun stores are crazy busy since Barack won people are in a panic and buying lots of guns just like 4 years ago. If we ever have a season I hope he reconsiders his decision to not play. Oh and yeah f#ck the canucks..almost hate them as much the Canadiens

  2. Anonymous3:09 AM

    Dude, Obama is a joke.
    If someone breaks into your house, are you gonna let them kill your kid? Or will you protect them with a gun?
    Common sense, dude. Common sense.