Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm Pretty Happy Glen Davis Doesn't Play for the Celtics Anymore

It's 4:00 am Saturday morning and Glen Davis needed a motel room. He stopped in a Travelodge in Orlando, but much like Mary and Joseph in the Bible, there was no room at the inn. He could have tried to find a nearby stable and a manger to sleep in. Or he could throw a tantrum, as well as computer keyboard, like a Big Baby. He has proved, once again, that his nickname suits him perfectly.

I'm so glad his infantile attitude no longer plagues the Celtics. People loved him, loved some of the big plays he made, but he was frequently in the dumbest kinds of trouble. Remember in 2010 when he was fined for yelling obscenities at a heckling Pistons fan who called him fat? Remember in 2009 when he fractured his thumb, punching his best friend WHILE THE GUY WAS DRIVING. How dumb can you be? Davis' friend did throw the first punch, but only a moron tries to knock out the driver of the moving car they're sitting in. Davis missed 27 games due to the fracture.

He's not the worst person in the world. He's immature. I'd say foolish is the best word for it. He's a fool. Celtics writers and fans always talked about him maturing and how great he would be when that finally happened. But this incident in Orlando seems to demonstrate that it still hasn't happened.

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