Monday, March 24, 2014

Red Sox Give Crybaby David Ortiz $16 Million to Shut Up

I love David Ortiz as a player. However at times, many many times, he acts like a spoiled whiny cry baby. And once again that baby got his bottle. The Red Sox agreed to a one-year extension of his contract, which will pay the designated hitter $16 million in 2015 when he's 39 years old. The contract will extend to 2016 if he reaches a certain number of plate appearances (425 for an $11 million deal, 600 for $16 million).

There was no on-the-field, baseball reason for the Red Sox to sign him to this extension. This was to silence a crying baby. Which makes me happy. I just want Ortiz to shut up. Stop worrying about your contract, about the official scorer giving you RBIs, about every sportswriter who criticizes you. Just shut up and play baseball. This contract shuts him up. The baby is silent.

We don't yet know if Ortiz's bat will be worth $16 million in 2015. But his silence in 2014 is.

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Jeff Miron/USA Today

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  1. Anonymous1:19 AM

    I dunno, man. Ortiz was the reason for a couple of World Series wins last year, and he delivers off-field mentoring and in-game inspiration for the team. Besides which, he's beloved of fans, and the point of establishing a good ballclub is about good chemistry (let's compare '12 with '13.) He is the senior member of the team, and important beyond his bat. Worth $16 mil? They'll make that back in T-shirts.