Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Somebody call Greg Easterbrook. Wake up the three employees of the Anderson Herald-Bulletin in Indiana. Get a hold of Arlen Specter. Send out e-mails to all the Patriot Haters out there. New England Patriot runningback Kevin Faulk got caught breaking a law!

Faulk was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession in Louisiana last Friday. He was at a Lil Wayne show, and was routinely searched by a sheriff's deputy on his way to a luxury box. The deputy discovered four blunts on his person. He was not arrested or detained, as the amount was deemed to be for "personal use"

This is the second time since the Super Bowl that a Patriot has been accused of possession. Defensive back Willie Andrews just plead not-guilty to possession in Lawrence a few days ago. I can just hear the Congressional accusations and investigations of a drug ring centered in Foxborough.

I'm not gonna criticize Faulk for smoking weed. I don't smoke weed, but I don't care who does or doesn't. It's not chemically addictive, nor is it dangerous. Drinking (which I do) and smoking cigarettes (which I also do) are much more harmful, in my opinion. And pot sure as hell doesn't give an athlete a competitive advantage.

But I am gonna criticize Faulk for getting caught. That's just stupid. Couldn't you give the blunts to one of your friends to hold? Or maybe split them up, instead of holding all four? Then once you see the deputies doing pat downs, don't you know to give up? When was the last time a cop in Louisiana didn't do an aggressively thorough pat down of a black man?

Chalk this one up to stupidity, which marijuana is known to contribute to. The NFL will probably come up with some sort of punishment or warning once this case rattles through the justice system.

Associated Press

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