Saturday, March 01, 2008


The Browns and Stallworth have agreed to a 7 year deal. No word yet on how much the deal is worth, but I'm assuming it's worth more than it should be worth, and is also loaded with incentives.

This isn't a major loss. Stallworth was solid for the Pats in '07, but was essentially tied with Jabar Gaffney for the 3rd spot on WR depth chart.

For any Patriots fan out there panicking, and any hater out there relaxing, this is what the Pats' WR depth chart might still look like next year:

1: Randy Moss
2: Wes Welker
3: Jabar Gaffney
4: Chad Jackson
5: Kelley Washington

That's still phenomenal.

In other Patriot news, Kelley Washington, who led the club in special team tackles, was re-signed. Long-snapper Lonie Paxton will also stay with the Patriots

Kyle Brady was surprisingly cut, then again, he is 36 years old.

Randall Gay is reportedly talking with the New Orleans Saints. The team and Gay will exchange contract offers tonight. In other words, they're very close to a deal.

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