Friday, May 09, 2008


LeBron may have ended up with 21 points, but he was still 6 of 24 from the field and turned the ball over 7 times. The Celtics' defense shut him down again, and shut down the rest of the Cavs. That's two straight games under 75 for Cleveland.

But unlike game 1, the Celtics weren't sloppy on the offensive side of the court. Pierce and Ray Allen improved on their previous performances. Pierce had 19 points and 6 rebounds, Allen added 16. Kevin Garnett only had 13 points and 12 rebounds, so expect a Shaughnessy column about how his game 2 performance will bring down his PPG.

Powe came off the bench and had 11 points and 7 rebounds (4 of which were on offense). Rondo had 7 points (all free throws), and 6 assists. The Celtics only had 12 turnovers, as opposed to 23 in game 1.

Of course, the Celtics went up 2-0 on Atlanta, but couldn't beat them on the road. The series shifts back to Cleveland Saturday night, where there will be even more token LeBron fouls called. And if James ever does get going, these games will become very interesting.

Doesn't Jason Bateman look like his daddy has taken him to his first ever basketball game?

And you have to give it up for Leonardo DiCaprio. A lot of celebrities go to sporting events and make a tremendous scene when they go: sitting in the front row in a place where everyone can see them. Ben Affleck is probably the best example of this type of egocentric behavior. But not Leo. He just sits quietly, with his hat low, and watches the game.

Thank you, Mr. DiCaprio, for not being Ben Affleck. In fact, I think everyone should go around today and thank people for not being Ben Affleck.


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