Monday, September 15, 2008


Sunday was scary. We nearly lost... again. That would have made me sad. I got so nervous that I'd cry if we lost, that I started to cry. Usually when I cry, Jeff Saturday consoles me, but I couldn't find him. Nor could I find Dallas, who usually lets me play with his sock puppets when I'm upset.

We won though, and Coach Tony took us all out for pizza (YAY!). Adam got the last slice, which made me sad. Tony said "You threw two interceptions and Adam won us the game, sorry little buddy." I didn't cry, but I locked myself in the Chuck E Cheese bathroom for 3 hours, pouting.

But ESPN cheered me up this morning. They reminded everyone that I didn't get to play in the preseason because of an owie. And they focused on how I brought the Colts back from 15 whole points down, even though it was my fault we were down by 15.

I was happy we played in Minnesota. They have a dome too! I don't like playing sports in the outside, especially in chilly places like Minnesota and Indiana. Brrrrrrrrr! Football was meant to be played away from bad weather with sunshine and short sleeves and rainbows!

Looking at that picture reminds me to ask Bill Polian to rename the Colts. We should be the Indianapolis Unicorns. Colts are mean. Unicorns are magical!

Well, I have to go, it's Monday which means the team is watching film. Last week it was The Muppets Take Manhattan. This week I hope it's Toy Story 2. I love Buzz Lightyear! I've dressed up as Buzz the last 6 Halloweens.

After that I have 15 commercials to film. But you know my normal Monday routine.

Goodbye, diary! I'll miss you!

To infinity, and beyond!


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