Monday, September 15, 2008


A friend of mine put it best:

Mangenius + Favre - Brady = 10 points and still lose

What Patriot fan wasn't reminded of 2001 during this contest? The 19-10 score looks like something you'd see from that season. Matt Cassel's stat-line was eerily similar to Tom Brady's typical day 7 seasons ago. 16/23, 165 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT. And when was the last time a Patriot kicker had 4 field goals?

Matt Cassel didn't look great. He didn't look bad. He was a bit unpolished at times, which is to be expected for someone making their first NFL start. But he didn't play like the "career backup" some have labelled him. He looked like a talented guy that's played behind two Heisman winners and a Hall of Famer.

I'll admit, it was frustrating at times. Last year, the Pats scored at will, and could do so in one big play. That wasn't true Sunday afternoon.

But with the offense becoming less explosive, the defense has stepped up and become much more exciting. How many times can you remember the Pats forcing 3 and outs last year? The defense had four 3 and outs yesterday.

They pressured Favre, did a good job in coverage, bent, but didn't break.

Ellis Hobbs had a great game, as did Deltha O'Neal. Seymour and Adalius did a good job of pressuring Favre. It was Adalius' double-sack of Favre and Jones at the end that sealed the victory.

We learned two very important things Sunday:

#1: The Jets still suck. Their coach is a wannabe. Brett Favre isn't a savior. The Bills are more of a threat than the team from New Jersey.

#2: The Patriots DON'T suck. Matt Cassel isn't a bum. The defense is making big plays. Bill Belichick is an amazing coach (although we already knew that).

Dolphins @ Patriots, next Sunday.


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