Saturday, April 25, 2009


27 runs, 28 hits, 2 errors, a pickoff, 6 homeruns, 385 pitches, 4 lead changes, 15 walks, 3 double plays, 8 doubles, 12 pitches, 4 hours and 21 minutes of madness.

The Red Sox had 9 RBI with 2 outs. Varitek's Grand Slam was massive. Lowell's 3 run blast in the 7th was just as big. The Yankees have no bullpen. And while the Red Sox' bullpen looked shaky, it at least got the job done.

Downside? Ortiz looks like a singles/doubles hitter, and has looked like one for 100+ games going back to last year. JD Drew seems to be in love with double plays. Beckett's had one amazing start, and other than that he's been 2008 Beckett, not 2007 Beckett. Okajima? Ugh! Papelbon vs. the Yankees? UGH!!!

Even though the Sox won, Robinson Cano is the Man of the Game, 3 for 6, 5 RBI, a double, and two homers.

Sox go for the sweep and their 10th straight win Sunday night at 8.


Photo Credit:
AP Photo/Charles Krupa

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