Saturday, April 25, 2009


Darius Butler out of UConn and Ron Brace out of BC. Butler's a super-athletic cornerback, Brace is a defensive tackle.

The Pats traded up to get the 40th pick, and they took Ron Brace. With contracts like Vince Wilfork's coming to an end very soon, the Patriots got some insurance/leverage with this selection Brace. Brace was BJ Raji's fellow tackle, so he certainly got some help. The Pats have a tendency to convert DTs into DEs in their 3-4 schemes (Seymour and Warren were both DTs, and could play DT for many NFL teams), so I wouldn't be shocked if Brace sees time when the Pats go 4-3, and also occasionally at DE on 3-4.

Then the Pats took UConn's Darius Butler, who has "Patriot" written all over him. He's versatile, playing both offense and defense. He returned kicks. He even played some QB in high school. He's only 5' 10" but he can get up there with his vertical leap.

The Pats seem to have a philosophy when it comes to their defensive backfield. Get a dozen guys with potential and hope 2 or 3 of them work out. Take a lot of shots, hope you hit something. I think this Butler kid has tons of potential. He's too athletic to not at least catch on as a special teams player.

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