Wednesday, May 06, 2009


How much of a dislikeable cunt is Joba Chamberlain? How would he pitch in the National League, if he had to take some medicine at the plate. His beanball of Jason Bay was clearly intentional, and props to Josh Beckett for not retaliating in last night's game. It wasn't the right time.

That being said, I'm a bit jealous. I wish our pitchers would throw inside and occasionally at the Rays. When Evan Longoria is able to dive out over the plate to turn on an outside fastball and hit it out of the park, something's wrong.

But back to Jason Bay, he's carrying this team. With Youkilis hurt (and now Ellsbury hurt), and Ortiz not hitting homeruns, Bay has provided the power and late inning heroics for this team. Bay has 1 more HR and 7 more RBI than Manny Ramirez. If I still cared about fantasy baseball, I'd probably be kicking myself for not drafting Bay in the middle rounds.

Beckett looked good, except in the 3rd inning. That's been a problem with him: one big inning. That could mean his problems have been more psychological than physical. Remember Falco's speach about quicksand in The Replacements?

It's nice to be 5-0 against the Yankees. Yanks fans will make excuses, like A-Rod being out. And that's fair. After all, April and May are A-Rod's best months.

The Man of the Game: Jason Bay.

The Indians come to town for 2 games (I'm sick of these dinky 2 game series) starting tonight. Justin Masterson takes on 1-3 Carl Pavano. The game is on NESN+.


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  1. Mike Wichter12:03 AM

    the first line of this story is the best opening line in the history of the world. well done.