Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semis wasn't supposed to be easy for the Celtics. Exhausted from over 370 minutes of basketball against the Bulls, the C's were supposed to have a hangover in Game 1. Which they did. For the first half, at least.

But the Celtics showed a lot of depth, a lot of character, and a lot of willpower in their Game 1 loss. The Magic, on the other hand, showed a great deal of vulnerability, and absolutely no killer instinct. They gave the Celtics endless opportunities to come back and win, and the C's actually missed a few of them.

Ray Allen had an off night, which is understandable after the Bulls series, especially for a shooter. Rondo could have been better. Pierce was fine with 23 points.

I would have liked to see Marbury get more than 9 minutes. He had a solid outing, contributing 8 points.

The last time the Magic beat the Celtics, I said that Orlando didn't scare me. They still don't. They have talent, but they lack all the pieces to win in a gutsy series. The Celtics may be spent, and might not win. But they have more character in their fingers than Orlando has on its entire roster.

Celtics in 7.


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AP Photo/Charles Krupa

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