Monday, August 31, 2009


Last night, it was announced that Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi would be retiring. It was a surprise, but not a shock. Bruschi's certainly lost more than a step these past few seasons. And with the Patriots seemingly committed to using more 4-3 defenses this season, it was Bruschi who would be the odd man out.

Bruschi was a member of 5 Patriots teams that made the Super Bowl, and all 3 that won it. He was part of the Homeland Defense that controlled the NFL in 2003 and 2004. He was a true playmaker.

In 189 regular season games for the Pats, Bruschi compiled 1,065 tackles, 668 total tackles, 30.5 sacks, forced 18 fumbles, intercepted 12 passes, and returned 4 of those for touchdowns.

He was never a big numbers type of player, but he came up with big plays at big times. He set an NFL record by returning 4 straight interceptions for TDs. He forced big fumbles, made big tackles, and changed games with just one big play.

The last few seasons, he's been a ghost on the field. Not only was he not making big plays, he was struggling with regular ones. He was a starter almost by default. To his credit, he never let up. If it was possible to try harder than he did when he first came into the League, he was doing so these last few years.

He's not going to the Football Hall of Fame. But you can bet the farm that he'll be inducted into The Hall at Patriot Place as soon as possible.

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