Monday, October 19, 2009


The Tennessee Titans and NCSU Wolfpack should get together, go out for some hot cocoa, and bitch about the weather in New England. Both teams traveled to Massachusetts this weekend, both had to deal with the cold, and both gave up 50+ points.

A week after being embarassed by Virginia Tech, the Eagles returned to the creamy middle of the ACC and pummelled NC State. The win puts BC on top of the mediocre Atlantic Division, half a game ahead of Clemson and Wake Forest.

Montel Harris set school records with 264 yards rushing and 5 TDs. He's rushed for 756 yards and 5.6 YPC this season. He had 900 yards on the ground last year. He's got 5 more games to surpass that mark.

BC isn't amazing. They don't deserve to even be considered to be ranked (they got 3 votes in the latest Coaches' Poll). But they're better than what everyone thought they'd be. They only need 1 more win to attain bowl eligibility, and they lead their division.

They play Notre Dame in South Bend next Saturday at 3:30.

Sidenote: I was disappointed with BC fans at this game (actually, the fans NOT at this game), particularly the student section. It was about 5 rows from full, and in 3 years of working games at BC, I've never seen that. Leaving a cold blowout game early is one thing, but not even being able to fill the student section is just sad. When BC fans like myself complain about not getting big bowl bids, we should point the fingers at our fellow fans, and not some vague Dixieland good ole boy conspiracy.


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AP Photo/The News & Observer, Ethan Hyman

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