Monday, October 19, 2009


Last year when the Cardinals came to Gillette, they were smoked 47-0 in a snowy, freezing rain, wintry mix, crappy winter day. They simply didn't want to be there that afternoon. The Titans looked the same way, on and off the field.

When the visiting team exits the tunnel at the very last minute to warm-up, you already know the Pats have won.

This was the biggest shutout in the NFL since 1976.

Tom Brady looked outstanding. It was against a crappy defense, but Brady finally clicked with Welker and Moss. 9 different Pats caught catches, Welker for 150 yards and 2 TDs, Moss for 129 and 3 scores. Brady's 5 1st quarter touchdowns is a new NFL record. He got me 51 fantasy points.

Laurence Maroney was decent. Then again who wasn't.

I wouldn't get too accustomed to games being this easy for the Pats. The combination of a listless 0-6 team with wretched weather rolled out the red carpet for the Patriots. They did show some improvement in certain areas, and it was nice to face a cupcake after taking on some quality opponents. It was also nice to give Brady an opportunity to get back on track.

Next week is another easy team, but in a weird place. The Pats play the Buccaneers in London. The Patriots have yet to win away from Foxborough.

Also, the Bills beat wunderkind Mark Sanchez and Coach of the Year Rex Ryan. So the Pats are atop the AFC East once again.

And this picture is just awesome:


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