Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Last night was a great way to kick off the postseason. An epic 12 inning clash between the Twins and Tigers. And the people who enjoyed the game the most were the New York Yankees, watching both teams drain themselves before having to travel to New York tonight.

2:37 PM - TBS
Colorado Rockies @ Philadelphia Phillies
Ubaldo Jimenez vs. Cliff Lee
The Phillies won the season series 4-2, but Jimenez is no slouch. Then again, the Phillies have had success against Jimenez in the past. Cliff Lee was a huge pick-up for the Phillies, who will win this game 5-3.

6:07 PM - TBS
Minnesota Twins @ New York Yankees
Brian Duensing vs. CC Sabathia
The Yankees may have made a mistake in allowing Sabathia to pitch 230 innings this season. Although it's a bit lower than last year (253), or the year before (241), he still tends to wear out at the 240ish inning mark. Unfortunately for Minnesota, that means CC has at least 7 strong innings left in him. Duensing, the 26 year old rookie will get smoked. Joe Mauer is 5 for 22 (.217) in his career against Sabathia.

Yannkees 6, Twins 2

9:37 PM - TBS
St. Louis Cardinals @ LA Dodgers
Chris Carpenter vs. Randy Wolf
This might be one of the more exciting series to watch. I think with Carpenter, the Cardinals have an advantage in Game 1. Although neither lineup has found much success against either of these guys in the past. The Dodgers are the better team overall, but tonight Carpenter will propel the Cards to a 1-0 series lead. Cardinals 4, Dodgers 1.

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