Monday, December 21, 2009


The trade between the Rangers and Red Sox, which would've sent Mike Lowell to Texas, along with $9 million, in return for a minor league catcher, has been cancelled. It turns out that Lowell needs surgery on his right thumb in order to repair a torn ligament.

And I'm not too disappointed. And I don't know why the Rangers would accept this deal, then nix it because of this. Lowell will miss 6-8 weeks due to the surgery, which isn't that bad. And the Rangers were only committed to paying 1/4 of his salary, or $3 million.

Wasn't the whole appeal of this transaction, at least for the Rangers, that they'd get an experienced but injury-prone bat for a modest price? Has something changed this notion?

Whatever. I'm not upset by this at all. The trade only made sense if the Sox acquired another corner infielder, which they haven't done yet. You don't dry clothes before you wash him, and you don't trade a guy then HOPE you'll find his necessary replacement.

Lowell and Kotchman can platoon in the lineup, with Youkilis and Martinez filling in at 3rd and 1st, respectively. Lowell can also DH, which is nice because David Ortiz is close to washed up in my book.

Boston Globe

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