Monday, December 21, 2009


The Bills sent another gift-wrapped divisional win to the Patriots yet again. That's 13 straight Bills/Patriots games that have seen New England on top. And the good news filtered in from elsewhere that the Jets lost, and so did the Dolphins. The Patriots now have a stranglehold on the AFC East, and can clinch with a win next Sunday at home.

But how good is the AFC East? It's competitive, but I can make a strong case that it's one of the worst divisions in the NFL. Just look at its QBs apart from Brady, who hasn't been that stellar, by the by.

"Randy Moss is Back" will be the refrain of the week. And I'm not that surprised. Having TO on the opposing sideline motivates Randy Moss from sluggish scrub into Rocky Balboa.

It was an ugly win. And not like a good ugly win. Like five 1st downs in the 2nd half ugly. That's it for the Pats. Only five 1st downs. That works against Buffalo, it doesn't against Miami, New York, Indianapolis, and Denver. And we all know this inability to finish games is not a new phenomenon.

Jaguars @ Patriots Sunday at 1. A win clinches the AFC East. The Pats can still clinch with a loss if both New York and Miami lose.


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