Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The Red Sox announced a switch in their outfield alignment. Vetern Mike Cameron will be the center-fielder, with Jacoby Ellsbury moving to left field.

Some out there in The Nation have a problem with this. Of course, Ellsbury is one of our sacred cows, and to even suggest that his defense is anything short of Tris Speaker quality is sacriligious. But I don't mind this move.

Cameron is a slightly better center-fielder. It's true, Ellsbury is faster, but his jump on the ball isn't as sharp as Cameron's. We all remember Jacoby's astonishing grabs out there, but how many of those would be routine if he took left earlier? But he's young and can learn how to do that.

Ellsbury's arm is also the worst in the outfield. So it makes sense to put him in the shorter field.

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