Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm getting tired of hearing Mike Vrabel's name. Work your thoughts and imagine your standard middle-aged Boston fan spouting unwisdom about how much the Patriots miss Mike Vrabel, especially for his "Leeta-shipp" (leadership). It's something I've heard entirely too much of, so I need to vent.

Mike Vrabel didn't leave the Patriots before the '09 season. He left before the '08 season. Sure, a person wearing #50 took the field, missed tackles, and failed to get any pressure on any QB. That wasn't the Mike Vrabel that made the Pro Bowl in '07, and registered 12.5 sacks and forced 5 fumbles. It was a cheap imitation.

Mike Vrabel was going to cost the Patriots $3 to $4 million in cap space for the 2009 season. He wasn't going to provide $3 to $4 million worth of production. The Patriots were essentially at the cap for 2009, so keeping Vrabel would've cost them $3 to $4 million in cap space.

Vrabel made 53 tackles for Kansas City this season. He had 2 sacks.

Whoopty shit.

Vrabel's gone, he's essentially been gone for 2 seasons now. Get over it.

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