Friday, January 15, 2010


The Patriots now have no offensive or defensive coordinator, as Dean Pees has stepped down. Pees is 60 years old, his contract will expire in a few weeks, and he may or may not take a job with another team.

So what now for the Patriots?

Well the two expected candidates are current LB coach Matt Patricia, and D-Line coach Pepper Johnson.

Patricia is 35, and took over at LB Coach for Pees in 2006. He's from Sherill, NY, which is the town next to Turning Stone Casino, where I used to play a lot of poker. That means nothing to you.

Johnson is 45, and has been the line coach since 2004. Before that, he was the ILB Coach, and the Assistant LB Coach. He's been with Belichick and the organization since 2000.

Based on Johnson's pedigree, he might be the favorite in this two horse race. He's got much more experience coaching on the defensive side of the ball. Patricia, before 2006, was an O-Line and Offensive Assistant Coach.

Boston Globe

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