Monday, May 24, 2010


I believe the Celtics are the better team in this series. You know who else believes that? The Orlando Magic. They only needed a few minutes of convincing Saturday night. Once the Magic missed a few threes, and the Celtics hit some shots while forcing a few turnovers, the game was over. The Magic had no heart, no fight.

Halfway through the 1st, when Ray Allen drove and dunked, the game was over. It was only 9-6, but that's as close as Orlando got to victory. They played heartless defense, didn't fight for rebounds, and their offense was base and simplified. They looked like that token college team that somehow made the Sweet 16, then stopped hitting three-pointers. Except they were also unmotivated.

Dwight Howard scored 7 points, and was -29. The Magic starters scored 43 points. The Celtics BENCH scored 38.

Glen Davis led the scoring for the Celtics with 17. He was on fire, shooting 5 of 9. Rondo, Pierce, Garnett, Ray Allen, and Sheed were also in double digits.

It was too easy. The Magic simply don't believe they can win these games. No spirit, no compete level, just a listless group of guys showing up for paychecks.

And while I think the "Beat LA" chants are still premature, it's looking very close to inevitable. Game 4 Monday night in Boston.

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