Monday, May 24, 2010


You have to give the Sox credit. Going into Philly and taking 2 of 3 isn't easy. So this weekend saw some good signs. It saw Daisuke mow through Philly's lineup, nearly getting a no-hitter. More surprisingly, it saw Wakefield mow through that same lineup, as he had his best start since April of '09.

Obviously the Phillies are in the National League, so they're the best of the secondary circuit. Nevertheless, this series victory provides Sox fans with some promise. The whole BS "run prevention" philosophy starts and ends with starting pitching. So when the SPs excel, winning awaits.

Of course, Daisuke's most notorious problem is his consistency. What he does in his next start is an unpredictable variable. Ad I don't think Wakefield will have too many more 8 inning, 0 run outings. Call me pessimistic, if you must.

Sox @ Rays for 3 and what amounts to a big divisional series to this team. Buccholz vs. Wade Davis.

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