Friday, July 09, 2010


Clockwork Orange versus La Furia Roja (the red fury). Spain vs. Holland. In the 1500s, the Netherlands was a part of Spain, until some guy named William of Orange started a revolt, which eventually resulted in the formation of the Dutch Republic. Hence the orange uniforms.

Speaking of history, these teams have met 9 times, each winning 4 times, with 1 tie. But when they've met in competitive games, the Netherlands typically wins. Then again, before Euro 2008, everybody beat the Spanish in big games.

Neither team has dazzled, and that's partially why they're here. They're steady, consistent, reliable, intelligent. They don't make big mistakes.

The Spanish are the favorites, but I'm picking against them. I have a 13-1 record picking games in the elimination round, so I'd take me seriously. The Spanish offense has been patient, but I don't think they can take their time and handcraft (footcraft) more than 1 goal against the Netherlands. Maybe 2. Meanwhile, the Dutch can get quick goals, can score on set-pieces, and can press the Spanish defenders.

I say the Netherlands wins 2-1.

And Germany wins the 3rd place game 3-2.

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