Monday, November 01, 2010


The Vikings have placed Randy Moss on waivers. This after the headcase receiver caught 1 pass for 8 yards against the Patriots, then held a post game press conference praising his former team.

Moss's 22 receptions (77th in the NFL), and 313 yards (66th) have been more than a little disappointing this season. Although he does have 5 touchdowns (tied for 10th). Moss was often touted for his deep-threat capacities distracting defensive backs. But it's becoming obvious, even to the most ardent Belichick haters, that Moss is also a distraction to his teammates.

Some here think the Patriots might reacquire him. Why not? It's like selling stock in Lehman Brothers when it was at $25, then picking it up at 25 cents. You've already pocketed your money (a 3rd round pick in this case), why not take a freeroll shot at something big?

Then again, why did the stock crash in the first place? Why did the Patriots rush to get him out of here? Maybe he's "learned his lesson," but he's also the kind of guy that never learns a lesson. He's not a good teammate when things aren't going well. And that's when you need to be a good teammate.

I do not want Moss back here. He'll likely get claimed by another team off waivers. But if he falls to the Patriots, I don't want him. His 22 receptions and 313 yards aren't worth it.

If he's picked up, I'll understand. I won't like it, but I'll understand. He's still a talent, and there's not much the Patriots could lose. Then again, it's like a break-up. Belichick broke up with Moss for a reason. Maybe he's learned a lesson. But why did he need to be taught that lesson?

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