Tuesday, January 04, 2011


After facing relatively weak competition in the group stage, the US Juniors were overmatched by their Canadian rivals, who finally avenged last year's 6-5 overtime loss in the finals. The Canadians played fast, hit hard, and gave the American skaters no time or space to do anything. Despite having the previous night off, the US were quickly exhausted by the Canadian attack.

Canada plays Russia in the finals on Wednesday night on NHL Network, and if you like hockey, I suggest you watch this game. The US will play Sweden for the bronze Wednesday afternoon, in the game nobody wants to play in.

I only wish Tyler Seguin were in Buffalo with team Canada, getting high pressure experience. Wednesday would be the biggest game of his life. Instead, he'll be watching from Boston, getting ready to play 12 minutes in the massive Bruins/Wild game the next night.

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