Wednesday, January 05, 2011


This Award is named after former Red Sox owner Harry Frazee, who sold Babe Ruth and many more talented players to the Yankees in order to finance his stupid Broadway plays. Basically, this Award is given to the biggest villain in Boston sports. Here are the nominees:

Josh Beckett - SP, Boston Red Sox
Jonathan Papelbon - RP, Boston Red Sox
Randy Moss - WR, New England Patriots
Laurence Maroney - RB, New England Patriots
Claude Julien - Coach, Boston Bruins

And the winner is...

Randy Moss, formerly of the Patriots.

After the initial backlash of the Moss trade, the Patriots went on to win 10 games. Moss, on the other hand, has only caught 18 passes during his time with the Vikings, then the Titans. In Boston, Moss went from a victim, to the villain, as fans started to blame him for the Patriots' struggles, and credited their recent success to his departure. And despite all he did for the Pats, especially in '07, he did turn into a monster at the end. He demanded a contract extension, took plays off, and in the end, didn't want to be here.

And now, he wishes he were here. But he's not welcome.

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