Wednesday, January 05, 2011


This goes to the most annoying, condescending, pious, irritating, arrogant, and generally unlikeable sports writer of the year. And this year, it's going to the guy who still refuses to give Bill Belichick credit for anything:

Ron Borges of the Boston Herald

Ever since the rise of Tom Brady, Borges has despised Bill Belichick. He even didn't give Brady much of a chance until he won the Super Bowl. This is a nice gem from this season, in a column titled: "Randy Moss trade another blown call by Belichick."

"Take away the Patriots from Bill Belichick and what is he? A gym teacher with better jewelry, no disrespect to gym teachers intended. So how does he sell this latest fire sale to his players? Good luck."

The Patriots are 10-1 since that "blown call." And what's so funny about this is that Borges argued that Moss was washed up when the Pats' first acquired him. Talk about selling low and buying high.

In the whole "Team of the Decade" debate before the last Super Bowl, Borges lobbied for the Colts because:

"The Colts have won more regular-season games this decade than the Patriots, won more consecutive games this decade than the Patriots, made the playoffs more often this decade than the Patriots (9-8), reached the playoffs more consecutive years than the Patriots (eight straight) and if they win Sunday will trail them by only one Super Bowl victory this decade."

Borges would be tolerable if he could let go of his anti-Belichick grudge. But he can't. He's more negative-minded than Shaughnessey. And if you disagree with him, you're "drinking the cool aid," or pledging "In Bill We Trust."

Borges can't even admit "I hate Belichick, but respect him as a coach." I've got friends who are Steelers fans, Jets fans, Dolphins fans, Eagles fans, and they all admit to despising Belichick, but also concede that he is a phenomenal coach. Why can't Borges do that?

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