Wednesday, January 05, 2011


This goes to the Patriots best player. I think you might be able to guess who'll win it this year. The nominees...

Tom Brady - QB
Jerod Mayo - ILB
BenJarvus Green-Ellis - RB
Devin McCourty - CB

The winner is...

Tom Brady

I had the other three as nominees as honorable mentions for their terrific seasons. Mayo led the NFL in tackles, Green-Ellis ran for 1,000+ yards, and McCourty finished 2nd in INTs.

Anyway, back to Mr. Brady. He led the NFL with a 111.0 QB Rating. He was only 4th in completion percentage, and 8th in yardage, but his accuracy cannot be questioned with only 4 picks, and his effectiveness is not in doubt with a league leading 36 TDs.

Brady is the centerpiece of an offense that changed mid-season into one that distributed the ball to multiple targets from multiple positions. Only 18 of Brady's 36 touchdowns were caught by wide receivers. The rest went to tight-ends (17), and Danny Woodhead (1).

Brady finds the open man like nobody else in the NFL, and he delivers the ball to that man with unmatched precision.

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