Friday, August 19, 2011


So the Washington Nationals wanted to play a game wearing hats representing the different branches of the United States' military. It was going to be a tribute to the helicopter crash in Afghanistan that killed 30 Americans, from three different branches (Navy, Air Force, and Army). But Major League Baseball said no.

The Nats were allowed to don the caps in batting practice, but were not permitted to do so in an actual game. When asked for an explanation, an MLB spokesman stated:

"We reserve hats for national tributes, where every club is wearing them on the same day. But we're happy to work with clubs on alternatives."

That cryptic, vague, almost Belichickian response really pisses me off, as does this whole story. The Nats wanted to do a nice tribute to all the men and women who commit themselves to serving our country. Think about how cool it would be to be a Marine, or a sailor, or a soldier, or an airman, and see a pro ballplayer wearing a Marine hat, or an Air Force hat.

It was just a minor little tribute, but Major League Baseball are being major league dinks for no good reason.

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