Monday, August 08, 2011


Win or lose Sunday night, I was going to write about how this series didn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, as the loser would be 2nd in the AL East, but still have a significant lead in the Wild Card. However, this series has been a good gauge for the postseason. And what we learned was that these two teams are extremely close together.

Anyway, where would the Sox be without Josh Reddick? He's hitting .338 in his 45 games as a replacement right-fielder. His game-winning RBI was his 23rd of the season. That's 2 more than Drew has, even though Reddick has about 100 ABs fewer than JD.

We saw the strengths and weaknesses of both these teams on display these last three days. And while winning the division would be nice, the Sox have proven to be good enough on the road (33-21, the best in the Majors), that homefield advantage shouldn't be much of a factor.

But I did like to see this team grind out a win against Rivera. I liked Beckett's 6 innings of hard work in a humid environment. I liked the big hits by Scutaro, Ortiz, and Reddick. Not only was it fun to watch, but this kind of timely hitting is what can be the difference between winning and losing a playoff series.

Sox play 14 of the next 17 on the road, starting tonight in Minnesota. Wakefield goes for win #200 against Scott Baker.

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