Friday, October 07, 2011

College Football Picks: Week 6*

I seriously do not recommend using my picks. In fact, I'd recommend picking against my picks. You'll get rich. I was 4-7 last week, and am now 14-24-1 on the season. That's a -37.2% return on investment. Here are my picks for Week 6.

Texas +10.5 vs. Oklahoma (Dallas, TX)
This is usually a hard fought contest. I just don't see OU covering, and there's a chance they may lose.

Boston College +21 @ Clemson
I do not think BC will win. But this is one of those games that they're supposed to get killed yet they'll turn it into an interesting affair.

NC State -10.5 vs. Central Michigan
Why not?

Virginia Tech -7.5 vs. Miami
VT will not lose back-to-back home games

Penn State -3.5 vs. Iowa
PSU at home, small spread, Iowa stinks.

LSU -13 vs. Florida
I don't think LSU will dominate, but these SEC games have a tendency to get ridiculous in the 4th quarter with the winning team pulling away by multiple TDs.

Northwestern +8 vs. Michigan
First road game for Michigan, and Northwestern has their QB back.

Georgia -1.5 @ Tennessee
UGA is actually good this year.

Auburn +10 @ Arkansas
This game should be closer than that.

Baylor -15 vs. Iowa State
Baylor has RG3, ISU has an awful defense.

Texas Tech +9.5 vs. Texas A&M
The Aggies have not impressed me in their big games. This is a road game against a 4-0 team with the 4th ranked offense in the country. Even if A&M wins, it won't be by much.

Nebraska -11 vs. Ohio State
NU needs to recover from last week with a big win at home. OSU will be their victim in Lincoln.

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