Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sean Avery Cut

The Rangers waived Sean Avery, stating that they had no role for the controversial forward to play. And I can't say I blame them. On the ice, Avery just isn't that productive. He scored 3 goals and 21 assists last year, with a -4. He's never scored more than 15 in a season (that was in '07-'08), he's never reached 40 points in a season. He racks up penalty minutes (174 last year) but isn't a strong enforcer like Shawn Thornton.

He's an antagonist. But he's only a part-time antagonist. Only when it suits him. He's not a wimp, but he's hardly one of the NHL's tough guys. And at 5' 10" 195, he's not dominating many physical battles anyway.

He's just not that good of a hockey player. He's got 4th line skill with 1st line ego. He doesn't help you on the ice or off it. Unless you want publicity, you shouldn't sign this guy to your team. He's a gimmick.

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