Monday, March 26, 2012

Golf Balls

Disclaimer: This is an advertisement.

Golf is the only sport that the participant has their own personal golf ball. Think about it. Imagine if baseball allowed pitchers to bring their own ball to the park, or football allowed quarterbacks to bring their own pigskin. Think about how much an advantage it could be to bring a certain kind of ball. A fastball pitcher could bring a sleek, aerodynamic ball that sliced through the air. A finesse pitcher would bring an oddly shaped ball that darted around on its way to the plate.

Baseball doesn't allow you to bring your own type of ball. But golf does allow you to do that. So it makes sense to be selective about the type of ball you use. Why not take advantage of your ability to decide what to bring?

Let's say the strongest aspect of your game is driving. Then get yourself some distance golf balls that will soar through the air and get you to the green in a stroke. Or if driving is your weakness, acquiring distance golf balls can help cover your faults.

Golf is a unique game and there are unique ways to gain crucial advantages. It's a smart game that requires good decisions. And those decisions start before you get to the course, when your'e deciding what equipment to bring with you.

A baseball pitcher would kill for the ability to bring their own style of ball with them. A golfer should take advantage of their ability to bring premium balls that suit their game.

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