Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jon Lester Named Opening Day Starter

Who starts Opening Day isn't really all that important when you think about it. Rotations get shuffled and reordered throughout the season. And who starts Game #1 in April isn't nearly as important as who starts Playoff Game #1 in October (or Game #163 in October). The only reason it's interesting to me is because the Red Sox don't have a true Ace.

Justin Verlander is starting for Detroit on April 5th. The Tigers didn't need a press release to tell us that. He'll be facing Jon Lester. Lester was last year's Opening Day starter. So Bobby Valentine's first managerial decision in a meaningful game shouldn't be too controversial.

Why Lester over Beckett? I think Lester's more consistent. Beckett also suggested to Valentine back in January that Lester start Opening Day. To be honest I don't think Bobby V deliberated much on the decision. Neither starter is an Ace. Lester is a consistent #2, and Beckett fluctuates between 1, 2, and 3, averaging out to another #2.

I'm really anticipating the start of the season. Much like I anticipate dentist appointments. You're worried that it might be painful. There's a slim hope it won't be. Either way you just want it to happen so you can get it over with.

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