Monday, March 12, 2012

Tom Brady Caught at Lakers Game Not Wearing Celtics Jersey and Red Sox Hat Like He Should Be Wearing

I love when people's little worlds are shattered when they see their town's athlete from Sport A socializing with an "enemy" athlete from an enemy town from Sport B.

The jock sniffers on Obnoxious Sports Fan and Masshole Sports decided to give Brady fashion advice, even joking about Gisele dressing him. I'm sorry, but anyone whose idea of formal wear is their silver Patriots jersey shouldn't be giving attire advice to a guy married to a model.

And how dare he speak to Kobe Bryant. Doesn't Brady know that Kobe is the enemy?

Unfortunately, people don't want to realize that Tom Brady has more in common with Kobe Bryant than he does with any Celtics fan. Or any Patriots fan. Us paying hundreds to see these guys play doesn't make them like us more, it makes them less like us.

I'll stick to criticizing Brady for his mistakes on the field, not for any fashion faux pas or for chatting with a fellow millionaire athlete.

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